SMW PlugJack - Machinist's Jack & Endstop (1/2")

$ 39.99
  • SMW PlugJack - Machinist's Jack & Endstop (1/2")

SMW PlugJack - Machinist's Jack & Endstop (1/2")

$ 39.99

Introducing the SMW PlugJack - a dual-function low profile machinist's jack and repeatable vise endstop! Compatible with 1/2" SMW Fixture Plates and Modular Vises.

Machinist's Jack

Insert a fixture plate plug into the jack screw for use as a jack to stabilize larger parts and eliminate vibrations. 

Vise Endstop

With a precision pin similar to our 1/2" Fixturing Pin integrated into the jack base the PlugJack base can be repeatably located within a 1/2" bore. The jack screw uses a chamfer to accurately seat on the PlugJack base. With the jack fully tightened a dowel pin can be inserted into the jack screw for use as a repeatable vise endstop.

Gen3 Available Now! Improvements include:

  • Finer-pitch jack screw for better jack height resolution
  • Addition of a lock nut, allowing the height and orientation of the jack screw to be locked in place
  • Slightly wider jack pad
  • Improved functionality as an endstop:
    • Dowel pin can still be used as it is in the Gen2 product
    • For lower-profile use, the flat of the jack screw hex head can be used as an endstop by fixing the jack screw in place with the lock nut (see last photo!)

Gen2 PlugJacks are available for purchase while supplies last.

Contents Include: 

  • [1] PlugJack Base
  • [1] PlugJack Jack Screw
  • [1] PlugJack Lock Nut (Gen3 Only)
  • [1] Ø1/2" x 1" Dowel Pin
  • [1] SMW Fixture Plate Plug

The PlugJack is compatible with the 1/2" SMW Modular Vise, see product drawing for jack dimensions to verify compatibility with other workholding solutions.

Drawing Download (PDF)