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Training Classes to Learn CNC and Feeds & Speeds

We offer both online CAD classes as well as Hands-On CNC Classes.

Online Classes & Resources:

  • Want Better Feeds & Speeds?  Visit for hundreds of proven speeds and feeds recipes, each with video and photos of the recipe and direct CAM integration with Fusion 360
  • Learn Fusion 360 with the NYC CNC Online Class!  This course is designed to get you started with Fusion 360, and by the end of the course become comfortable and proficient with CAD modeling techniques in Fusion 360!
Hands On: Learn CNC at one of our CNC Training Classes! Complete with:
  • HAAS TM-3P
  • Tormach 1100
  • Tormach 770

Saunders Machine Works offers various CAD, CAM & CNC Training Classes at our facility in Zanesville, OH. 

Classes include an Introduction to Fusion 360,  Fixturing & Workholding, and Hands-On Machining with the Tormach and HAAS CNC Mills.

For a list of classes, dates, pricing, and registration, please visit