We offer both online CAD classes as well as Hands-On CNC Classes.

Online Classes & Resources:

  • Want Better Feeds & Speeds?  Visit https://provencut.com for hundreds of proven speeds and feeds recipes, each with video and photos of the recipe and direct CAM integration with Fusion 360
  • Online Fusion 360 Classes: For those not able to make the trip to our shop and take a class, we offer online classes that you can take at your own pace. Take a look at our CAD class or CAM class to find out more!
Hands On: Learn CNC at one of our CNC Training Classes! Complete with:
  • HAAS TM-3P
  • Tormach 1100
  • Tormach 770

Saunders Machine Works offers various CAD, CAM & CNC Training Classes at our facility in Zanesville, OH. 

Classes include an Introduction to Fusion 360,  Fixturing & Workholding, and Hands-On Machining with the Tormach and HAAS CNC Mills.

For a list of classes, dates, pricing, and registration, please visit www.nyccnc.com/events