Don't see a fixture plate for your machine on our site? Our Fixture Plate Compatibility Tool allows you to easily check the fit of an existing fixture plate in our product line on your machine table! If you still don't see a compatible fixture plate, feel free to reach out via our Custom Fixture Plate RFQ form.

1. Enter the center-to-center t-slot spacing on your machine (Dimension B)

This can be measured, but is typically easily found on the manufactur's specification sheet for your machine.

2. Measure the distance from the rear edge of your table to the center of the rearmost t-slot

Compare this measurement to Dimension A given on the SMW Fixture Plate. If Dimension A is greater than your measurement, the SMW Fixture Plate will overhang the rear of the machine table. Please verify that this overhang is acceptable before purchasing and installing an SMW Fixture Plate.

3. Verify that the plate matches your t-slot spacing

Double check that the given Dimension B matches your machine. Machine tables with a t-slot spacing that evenly divides into Dimension B may also be compatible (e.g. a plate designed for 100mm t-slot spacing will likely fit a machine with t-slots on 50mm centers)

Note: SMW cannot guarantee fitment for your machine. This tool is meant for reference only, and verifying fitment using provided solid models is highly recommended.