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Blem Plates - 1100, 770, 440

  • $ 27500

Sale on Blemish Tormach Fixture Plates plates.  See Serial number description below.  To purchase, choose the serial number as the variant (if it is not listed, that means it has been sold).  Thanks!

Please Read description to confirm serial number matches your machine size!  

Tormach 1100:

[Sold Out]

Tormach 770:

Plate #802: A small scar in the anodizing on the bottom right of the front side of the plate. Blemish is cosmetic 

Plate #803: A small anodizing scar on the center of the front side of the plate as well as a larger anodizing scar on the right of the backside of the plate. Blemish is cosmetic

Plate #804: A small dent through the anodizing and into the aluminum on the right, front side of the plate. 

Plate #805: Small anodizing scars on the logo as well as along the right, front side edge of the plate. Blemish is cosmetic


Tormach 440:

Plate #105: A series of light scratches in the anodizing from the top to the bottom of the plate in the middle of the backside.  Blemish is cosmetic.