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Tiny Vise® Low Profile Edge Clamp

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Tiny Vise Clamps
Low-profile Tiny Vise® clamps are ideal for thin workpieces, and whenever downthrust action is not required. These mini edge clamps securely grip the side of a workpiece to keep the top clear for machining. Patented design features a slotted countersink to provide strong, reliable clamping force with the easy turn of a hex wrench. These compact clamps are ideal for fixturing multiple parts, small or large. These clamps look so simple, but work amazingly well, with major advantages over earlier designs.
Manufacturer Recommended Torque: 2.4 ft lb (3.25 Nm) (We often clamp with higher torque)
Each clamp has both a serrated face (for maximum gripping) and a smooth face (to avoid marring finished parts).
Carr Lane P/N CL-5-TVLP.  Click HERE for Dimensions, Travel Range and other product information.

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