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Tormach 440® Aluminum Fixture Tooling Plate

  • $ 367.00

18" x 8.95" x 0.85" Hardcoat Anodized Aluminum Fixture & Tooling Plate for Tormach PCNC 440®

Holes are 1" on center.  Every hole is tapped 3/8x16 and reamed for 0.375" pin.

Includes 5/16"x18 low profile screws to mount fixture plate to included t-nuts.

Recommend Torque Specs for 3/8x16 Fasteners into Aluminum: 25 ft-lb or 34 N-m  DO NOT exceed 30 ft-lb or 40 N-m.    

Recommend Torque Specs for 5/16x18 Fasteners into Steel (e.g. 440 t-nuts): Up to 14 ft-lb or 19 N-m.  (this is for the low-profile socket head cap screws that thread into steel T-nuts).  DO NOT exceed 18 ft-lb or 25 N-m.

A comment on the design: Having each hole as a combination bore and thread results in less potential thread engagement.  An engineering “rule of thumb” is 1X diameter for steel, 2X for aluminum.  The SMW plates fall short of that.  We know that – and in our testing, it has not a problem.  We roll form each aluminum thread and we test the results.  We are constantly tweaking and improving the design and manufacturing process.  Using a fastener length that only engages a few threads could result in premature failure – a scenario exists with any threaded fastener.  

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