Carbide3D Nomad Fixture Tooling Plate

$ 159.99
  • Carbide3D Nomad Fixture Tooling Plate

Carbide3D Nomad Fixture Tooling Plate

$ 159.99
$ 159.99

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  • 10.44" x 7.95" x 0.48" 6061 Aluminum Fixture & Tooling Plate for Carbide3D Nomad 3 and Nomad 883** Machines. 

    Plate is compatible with stock Nomad accessories such as the flip jig and vise (see images) however 1/4"-20 x 1/2" SHCS are needed to use the vise. Wasteboard and flip jig use standard metric hardware.

    Inch plates: Holes are 0.75" on center.  Every hole is tapped 1/4"-20.

    Metric Plates: Holes are 20mm on center. Every hole is tapped M6.

    **Note: this plate is not compatible with very early Nomad 883 machines having the toolsetter post to the left side of the table. It can be mounted backwards having the overhang to the right side of the machine as to not interfere with the toolsetter, however you will need to remove the 5mm alignment pins in the Y-axis carriage in order to mount the plate on these machines - in which case the plate must be trammed manually when it is initially installed.

    On-Table Weights
    Variant Weight (lbs)
    1/4" 3.4
    M6 3.5

    This plate is meant to REPLACE the stock Nomad table, not mount on top of the existing aluminum extrusion. Hardware is not included as existing hardware is meant to be reused.

    Current Inventory
    Variant QTY
    1/4" 8
    M6 12

    In stock plates are typically ready to ship within one business day (other items in order may affect shipping time).

    Out-of-stock bare aluminum plates have a lead time of 7-14 business days, while anodized 7075 and steel fixture plates are 4-6 weeks (steel fixture plate sets carry a 6-8 week lead time.) Please contact us for specific lead times or to inquire about time-critical orders.

    This fixture plate ships via standard parcel shipping (FedEx Ground or USPS Priority). For questions about additional shipping methods, please contact us.