How do I use the SMW Modular Vise System?

For information regarding the Gen1 Modular Vise, see our Discontinued Products page.

What are the recommended torque specs for the Gen2 Mod Vise?

  • For the bolts mounting the vise to a fixture plate, please see our Fixture Plate FAQ for recommended torque specs. This varies depending on fixture plate material and hole pattern.
  • For the 7/16" clamping fasteners on both steel and aluminum vises we recommend 20 ft-lbs [27 N-m] for general use. Necessary clamping torque is dependent on a) the use case and needed clamping force and b) how much the jaw is 'preloaded' (i.e. how far the two clamping screws are backed out before setting the position of the adjustable base). Anywhere from 10-30 ft-lbs [14-40 N-m] is appropriate, but do not exceed 35 ft-lbs [47 N-m].

Will Mod Vises work with non-SMW fixture plates or with no fixture plate?

Our Mod Vises (1/2", 1/4", and M6 versions) require our standard fixture plate hole patterns - for example, 1/2"-13 tapped and 1/2" bored holes on 1.25" centers. Generally speaking, the Mod Vise will not work on other brands of fixture plates.