Shapeoko 4, Pro, & HDM Fixture Tooling Plate

$ 124.99
  • Shapeoko 4, Pro, & HDM Fixture Tooling Plate

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Shapeoko 4, Pro, & HDM Fixture Tooling Plate

$ 124.99
$ 124.99
We do not currently have this plate in stock in the selected material. SMW Fixture Plates generally have a lead time of 7-10 business days due to just-in-time manufacturing. Please contact us for specific lead times or see our FAQ.

11.81" x 11.81" x .50" (300mm x 300mm x 12.7mm) modular 6061 aluminum fixture & tooling plate for Shapeoko 4 series, Shapeoko Pro, and Shapeoko HDM routers. 

Supported Routers:

  • Shapeoko 4 & Pro (4 plates for maximum coverage)
  • Shapeoko 4 XL & Pro XL (6 plates for maximum coverage)
  • Shapeoko 4 XXL & Pro XXL (9 plates for maximum coverage)
  • Shapeoko HDM (4 plates for maximum coverage - see photo)

INCH PLATES: Holes are 0.75" on center and tapped 1/4"-20. Holes are not counterbored.

METRIC PLATES: Holes are 20mm on center and tapped M6. Holes are not counterbored.

Our new modular fixture plate design for the Shapeoko 4 and Shapeoko Pro lines utilizes the 100mm t-slot spacing (standard across all Shapeoko 4 & Pro routers) for a more flexible workholding solution with a lower barrier of entry for beginners and hobbyists. Plates can be mounted in any orientation anywhere along the t-slots on the router bed and can be combined side-by-side for use cases where full coverage is needed.

For best flatness plates should be mounted directly to the aluminum extrusion, however plates can also be mounted on top of the Shapeoko's MDF strips. We recommend surfacing the MDF before mounting our fixture plates in this case.

Multiple plates can be set up and aligned using our 3D-printable* alignment jigs (available below). Each jig requires three of our 1/4" Fixturing Pins for inch plates or three McMaster 97493A125 for metric plates. These are not necessary for setting up plates but can be helpful when putting sets of plates together. 

Note: mounting hardware not included. QTY5 18mm M6 SHCS and t-nuts should be used per plate. T-nuts and M6 hardware (for securing MDF strips) included with your router can be used, otherwise hardware kits can be purchased here. For 4 series machines, metal chip covers may need removed to accommodate  plates in certain orientations. Fixture plates then act as chip covers in place of those removed.

Solid Model Download (STEP, Inch)

3D Printable Alignment Jig (STL, Inch)

Solid Model Download (STEP, Metric)

3D Printable Alignment Jig (STL, Metric)

*STL files are both saved in mm for ease of use with most slicer programs