Introducing the PuckChuck - a modular, low profile quick-change fixturing system by Saunders Machine Works. 
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The Auto PuckChuck is a mechanically locking, pneumatically opening zero point system. Automation ready, this is our premier product in the PuckChuck line. As many (or as few) Auto PuckChucks as you like can be connected to a single air valve for effortless and near-instant actuation. 

Mechanical (Coming Soon)

The Mechanical PuckChuck both locks and actuates mechanically. Intended to be an entry-level PuckChuck, this variant also shines in applications where only a single PuckChuck is needed. The Mechanical PuckChuck also boasts higher clamping forces (but longer actuation times). Unlike the Auto PuckChuck, each Mechanical PuckChuck must be actuated individually.
Specs & Highlights



Retention Force

4,000+ lbs
[17.8 kN]

Unclamp Time

  • Provides Accurate and Repeatable Positioning

  • Securely Mount and Remove Fixtures and Vises

  • Eliminates Setup Time and Maximizes Spindle Time

*Product is currently undergoing beta testing. Specifications subject to change.