Using the SMW Modular Vise Without a Fixture Plate

While our Modular Vise System is designed to work exclusively with our standard fixture plate hole patterns, we understand that customers may have a different fixture plate or otherwise want to integrate the Mod Vise into their fixtures or machines. The below drawings give the minimum requirements for mounting and using each version of the Mod Vise so that you may verify compatibility with your own fixture plate or use this information to create your own fixture.

The given hole locations and spacings are required for mounting the vise. Fixture plates with different thread sizes but the proper hole locations are generally not recommended and will require sourcing your own mounting hardware.

1/2" Vise:

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M12 Vise:

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1/4" (Hobby) Vise

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M6 (Hobby) Vise

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While we recommend the 82-degree countersink to match with our M6 fixturing pins, realistically the contact area is small enough that a 90-degree countersink will still adequately center the pin if 82-degree tooling is not available.

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