Haas Multi-Axis Accessory Universal Mounting Plate (Gen3)

$ 399.00$ 499.00
  • Haas Multi-Axis Accessory Universal Mounting Plate (Gen3)

Haas Multi-Axis Accessory Universal Mounting Plate (Gen3)

$ 399.00$ 499.00

15.75" x 12" x .95" Anodized 6061 Aluminum Mounting Plate for most 'small' to 'medium' Haas multi-axis rotaries and indexers. Plate is reversible for +X or -X mounting location.

The Multi-Axis Subplate can be used one of two ways:

  • Mounted directly on the machine table, allowing the multi-axis accessory to overhang slightly saving X-axis travel
  • Mounted directly to an SMW fixture plate and aligned with our precision Diamond Pins for easy installation, alignment, and removal.
Multi-axis Compatibility Mill Compatibility
  • T5C
  • TRT70
  • TRT100
  • TRT160*
  • TRT210*
  • HRC160
  • HRC210
  • HRT100
  • HRT160
  • HRT210
  • HRT310
  • HRTA5
  • HRTA6
  • HA5C
*Cannot be used alongside an SMW fixture plate. We recommend only mounting these rotaries, alongside the subplate, directly to the machine table.
Subplate is compatible with most Haas CNC mills. This includes machines with 4.92", 3.15", and 3.94" through 4.38" T-slot center distances:
  • VF-series mills
  • Mini & Super Mini Mill series mills
  • VM-series mills
  • TM-series mills
  • DT- & DM-series mills

Subplate may be compatible with rotaries or mills not listed. For additional inquiries please contact info@saundersmachineworks.com

For information and video demo's on how to setup, install, access CAD models, and other tips and tricks, visit the FAQ page!

Note: Plate may contain additional 1/2"-13 tapped holes for use in the manufacturing process. Subplate ships with QTY6 low profile SHCS and 5/8" T-nuts for mounting to an SMW fixture plate or machine table. Hardware for mounting rotary not included.

Solid Model Download (STEP)

Drawing Download (PDF)

Rotary Fitment Drawing Download (PDF)