Haas 4th & 5th Axis Universal Subplate

$ 399.00$ 499.00
  • Haas 4th & 5th Axis Universal Subplate

Haas 4th & 5th Axis Universal Subplate

$ 399.00$ 499.00
6061 Ano. Aluminum: 4

$ 399.00$ 499.00

15.75" x 12" x .95" Anodized 6061 Aluminum Mounting Plate for most 'small' to 'medium' Haas multi-axis rotaries and indexers. Plate is reversible for +X or -X mounting location.

The Multi-Axis Subplate can be used one of two ways:

  • Mounted directly on the machine table, allowing the multi-axis accessory to overhang slightly saving X-axis travel
  • Mounted directly to an SMW fixture plate and aligned with our precision Diamond Pins for easy installation, alignment, and removal.

A product overview and installation instruction video is available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsG6Z1GSkBM

Mounting hardware is not included but available separately:

Multi-axis Compatibility Mill Compatibility
  • T5C
  • TRT70
  • TRT100
  • TRT160*
  • TRT210*
  • HRC160
  • HRC210
  • HRT100
  • HRT160
  • HRT210
  • HRT310
  • HRTA5
  • HRTA6
  • HA5C
*Cannot be used alongside an SMW fixture plate. We recommend only mounting these rotaries, alongside the subplate, directly to the machine table.

**Rotaries and indexers with mounting slots smaller than 1/2" may require custom hardware, thread adapters, etc. as the subplate is meant for 1/2-13 mounting hardware.

Subplate is compatible with most Haas CNC mills. This includes machines with 4.92", 3.15", and 3.94" through 4.38" T-slot center distances:
  • VF-series mills
  • Mini & Super Mini Mill series mills
  • VM-series mills
  • TM-series mills
  • DT- & DM-series mills

Subplate may be compatible with rotaries or mills not listed. For additional inquiries please contact support@saundersmachineworks.com

Note: Plate may contain additional 1/2"-13 tapped holes for use in the manufacturing process.

Solid Model Download (STEP)

Drawing Download (PDF)

Rotary Fitment Drawing Download (PDF)