Fixture Plate Starter Kits are here with one goal in mind: getting you making parts faster! We offer three levels of starter kits: Basic, Standard, and Pro to meet the needs of any shop. Starter Kits are also fully customizable to meet your needs perfectly - once added to your cart, you have full ability to mix and match products in your Starter Kit.

Note: Fixture Plate Starter Kits automatically calculate the correct amount of Fixture Plate Plugs for your fixture plate (with some extra), so Starter Kits must be purchased from the product page of the desired fixture plate.

Product Basic Quantity Standard Quantity Pro Quantity Hobby (1/4") Quantity
Black Fixture Plate Plugs Varies by plate Varies by plate Varies by plate N/A
Colored Fixture Plate Plugs N/A 1 pack (60 plugs) 2 packs (120 plugs) N/A
Acrylic Fixture Plate Saver N/A N/A 2 OUT OF STOCK
Pin & Stud Kit 1 kit 2 kits 3 kits N/A
Modular Vise (Gen2) 1 (1/2" vise) (1/2" vise) (1/2" vise) (1/4" vise)
Talon Grips 4 8 12 4
Mod Vise Soft Jaws N/A 1 kit (2 soft jaws) 3 kits (6 soft jaws) 1 kit (2 soft jaws)
Dual Station Kit N/A N/A 1 N/A
Reversible Jaw Insert for Mod Vise N/A 2 4 2
SMW Fixture Pallet N/A N/A 2 N/A
SMW Pallet Blank N/A 1 2 N/A
SMW Diamond Pins N/A 2 pins 8 pins N/A
SMW Pallet Mounting Hardware N/A 1 per pallet (1 kit) 1 per pallet (4 kits) N/A