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Fixture Plate Plugs

  • $ 19.99

Keep chips and debris out of your SMW fixture plate with these injection-molded plugs!  Plugs are a snug fit and will stay in place through most machining operations, including use of flood coolant and air blasts.   Use a scribe or pointed object to piece invisible hole in center of plug to remove.


  • Plugs are for 1/2" bores
  • Plugs hold up against most coolants and chemicals except WD-40
  • Quantities are approximate; product is packaged by weight. 

Quantities Required for a Full Plate:

    Plate Size Common CNC Machines # Holes in Plate
    38" x 16" Haas Mini Mills, VF1, VF2 708
    34" x 12" Tormach 1100 475
    26" x 12" Tormach 770 350

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