Fixture Plate Set Installation Tool

$ 24.99
  • Fixture Plate Set Installation Tool

Fixture Plate Set Installation Tool

$ 24.99

Set of two alignment jigs for quick alignment of SMW Fixture Plate Sets. Only necessary if installing a set of 2+ fixture plates on a single machine. This tool is not necessary for setup of single plates.

This jig set ensures that the 1.25" fixturing hole pattern is continuous and correctly aligned across each fixture plate in your fixture plate set.

See our Fixture Plate Installation Instructions for recommended use.

Set includes:

  • [2] aluminum alignment jig bases
  • [6] Press-fit 1/2" alignment pins
  • [4] Nylon bolts for easy jig removal

For best alignment, place two jig bases as far away as possible without covering any fixture plate mounting holes (ideally one jig at the top of the plate seam and one at the bottom).

Note: if ordering an SMW Blank Pallet or SMW Fixture Pallet with your fixture plate set, a single pallet along with three 1/2" pins can be used in lieu of a single alignment jig for fixture plate set alignment.