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Grizzly G0704 Aluminum Fixture Tooling Plate

  • $ 399.00

26" x 9" x 0.95" 6061-T6 Aluminum Fixture & Tooling Plate for Grizzly G0704 CNC / Manual Milling Machine, as well as other "generic" machines. See drawing for compatible machines and hole pattern.

Fixture holes are 1.25" on center.  Each fixturing hole is tapped 1/2x13 and bored for 0.500" pin. Plate contains 5 mounting holes for low profile SHCS and 250 fixture holes.

Includes low profile screws to mount fixture plate to machine table using customer-supplied t-nuts.

Note: this is not an anodized aluminum product.  We recommend application of a rust inhibitor such as LPS-3 and removing the fixture plate periodically to ensure galvanic corrosion has not occurred.

For information and video demo's on how to setup, install, access CAD models, and other tips and tricks, visit the FAQ page!

SMW Fixture Plates generally have a 2 week lead time due to just-in-time manufacturing.  Certain models are kept in stock.  Please contact us for specific lead times or visit our FAQ for more information.