Precision Matthews PM-728VT Aluminum Fixture Tooling Plate

$ 299.99
  • Precision Matthews PM-728VT Aluminum Fixture Tooling Plate

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Precision Matthews PM-728VT Aluminum Fixture Tooling Plate

$ 299.99
We have 1 plates in stock. Out-of-stock plates typically have a lead time of 7-10 business days (Note: out-of-stock anodized plates have a longer lead time at up to four weeks), please contact us for specific lead times or to inquire about time-critical orders.

26" x 9" x 0.95" 6061-T6 Aluminum Fixture & Tooling Plate for Precision Matthews PM-728VT Milling Machines.

Fixture holes are 1.25" on center.  Each fixturing hole is tapped 1/2x13 and bored for 0.500" pin. Plate contains 6 mounting holes for low profile SHCS and 261 fixture holes.

Does not include mounting hardware. We recommend QTY6 low profile SHCS and t-slot nuts for your machine table. See drawing for mounting hole dimensions.

NOTE: when bare aluminum plates are installed on a non-aluminum surface such as a bare machine table these plates must be used with a galvanic corrosion inhibitor (e.g. dielectric spark plug grease) and be removed periodically to inspect for condition and/or re-apply the corrosion inhibitor. We recommend doing this every three months.

For information and video demos on how to setup, install, access CAD models, and other tips and tricks, visit the FAQ page!

Solid Model Download (STEP)

Drawing Download (PDF)