Available Jaw Hardware:

What is the Castle Grip?

The Castle Grip is a low-profile, aggressive clamp designed and machined by SMW to complement the Modular Vise System.  The Castle Grip is best suited for Op1 workholding where the user wants to maximize grip by allowing the Castle Grip teeth to ‘bite’ into the material.   

The low profile nature minimizes the amount of material being clamped, thus maximizing the amount of sidewall material available for machining.  

SMW Castle Grips are paired with Torx-plus fasteners.  This avoids a common problem with smaller size hex head screws where the hex head can be stripped.   

Hand-tightening is generally acceptable, however the recommended max torque spec for the M5 Torx screw is 35 in-lbs [4.0 N-m]. (This also applies to both steel and aluminum jaws as well as Castle Grips used with Gen2 vises having 10-32 Torx fasteners.)

Similar clamps are made by other manufacturers (and may be cross-compatible with SMW mod vise).  Note: many other clamps use hex (not Torx) screws; SMW advises only using Torx fasteners.

Castle Grips are generally not suitable for clamping on otherwise finished parts, as the teeth mar the material.  For finishing work or any work where the user wants a traditional “smooth” vise jaw, consider using the smooth insert bar included with Gen3 Mod Vises.

 Do you recommend the Insert Bars, Castle Grip, or Talon Grip for my application?

Each of our Accessory Kits include both the Castle Grip and insert bars, which is our recommendation for the most versatile setup.

If you're only purchasing one or the other we typically recommend our Mod Vise users towards the insert bar. This is because the Castle Grip leaves visible indentations into the part and aren't always suitable for Op2/finishing workholding.

This 'bite' into the part does mean that the Castle Grip can better resist vertical forces, making them a great option for large plate work or situations where the lower-profile clamping is desired. Desktop and hobby machines (e.g. using our 1/4" or M6 Mod Vise) typically don't see cutting forces high enough to necessitate the Castle Grip, although we still recommend them in cases where low profile clamping is desired.