Langmuir MR-1 Fixture Tooling Plate Set

$ 1,199.00
  • Langmuir MR-1 Fixture Tooling Plate Set

Langmuir MR-1 Fixture Tooling Plate Set

$ 1,199.00
$ 1,199.00
[1] Langmuir MR-1 Fixture Plate Hardware Kit (+$ 4.99 ea.)
[1] Fixture Plate Set Installation Tool (+$ 24.99 ea.)
[800] Black Fixture Plate Plugs (+$ 174.96 / plate set)

[1] Basic Accessory Kit [+$ 395.93 ea.]
[1] Standard Accessory Kit [+$ 929.80 ea.]
[1] Pro Accessory Kit [+$ 1,901.60 ea.]

Fixture & tooling plate set for Langmuir Systems MR-1 CNC gantry mills.

Measurements: 26" x 24" x 0.92" (QTY2 identical 26" x 12" plates). Plates can be mounted in either orientation, with the 26" dimension along X or Y**. Available in 6061 Aluminum.

Each plate mounts to table with QTY11 1/4-20 x 0.75" SHCS (QTY22 total). Mounting hardware is available as a separate option.

Each plate has 352 fixture holes that are spaced 1.25" on-center (704 total). Each fixture hole is tapped 1/2-13 UNC and bored for 0.500" pin. Set also contains 4 sets of holes for mounting the Langmuir toolsetter (1/4-20 bolts for toolsetter not included).

 *Mounting holes are slotted to allow for +/- 1.5° of rotation. This allows for tramming of the plates even if the bed was improperly aligned during assembly.

**The baseplates provided by Langmuir are not symmetric. If assembled incorrectly, the 2.00" hole spacing of the 1/4-20 tapped holes will not be continuous across the seam between baseplates (see last photo, from Langmuir assembly instructions). If this is the case, the SMW plate set can only be mounted with the 26" dimension along the Y axis (and there will be a small gap between plates). You can check this by measuring the distance between 1/4-20 holes across the seam between baseplates. This should measure 2.00", but if one or both of the baseplates were installed backwards you may see 2.04-2.08".

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Mounting hardware is available as a separate option. Plate mounts with QTY22 1/4-20 x 0.75" SHCS.

For fixture plate sets, we recommend our Alignment Jig Kit for quick setup of multiple plates. Two SMW Fixture or Blank Pallets with 1/2" pins can also be used.

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6061 Aluminum 4 set(s)

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Out-of-stock bare aluminum and steel plates have a lead time of 3-4 weeks (steel fixture plate sets carry a 4-5 week lead time), while anodized 7075 fixture plates are 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for specific lead times or to inquire about time-critical orders.

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