Langmuir MR-1 Modular Vise Pallet Kit

$ 489.95
  • Langmuir MR-1 Modular Vise Pallet Kit

Langmuir MR-1 Modular Vise Pallet Kit

$ 489.95

This kit contains everything needed for using the SMW Modular Vise on a Langmuir MR-1 CNC Gantry Mill. Vise pallet can be mounted in the X or Y orientation, with a total of three pallets mounted at once. For a full coverage fixture plate, see our MR-1 Fixture Plate Set.

Measurements: 20" x 5.95" x 0.92".

Lead time is currently 7-14 business days.

Kit Includes:

  • [1] 20" x 6" x 1" 6061 Aluminum Vise Subplate
  • [1] Single Station SMW Modular Vise System (1/2")
  • [2] Reversible Jaw Inserts
  • [20] 1/4-20 Mounting Bolts

Plate mounts to table with QTY20 1/4-20 SHCS. Mounting hardware is included.

Plate has 62 fixture holes that are spaced 1.25" on-center. Each fixture hole is tapped 1/2-13 UNC and bored for 0.500" pin. Each mounting hole is also bored for 0.500" pin to allow each bolt to be covered by a fixture plate plug.

Solid Model Download (STEP)

Drawing Download (PDF)