SMW Modular Vise (Gen3)

$ 229.99
  • SMW Modular Vise (Gen3)

SMW Modular Vise (Gen3)

$ 229.99
$ 229.99

Introducing the Gen3 Mod Vise - a versatile, low profile workholding and fixturing system for Saunders Machine Works 1/2" and M12 Fixture Plates! Our two-piece vise design allows for clamping parts of any size while maintaining a much lower profile than standard machine vises. (Note: M12 / Metric vises are not compatible with 1/2-13 tapped fixture plates and require an M12 on 30mm centers pattern.)

Product Specs:

  • Machined from 4140 steel
  • Built-in 1.00" (25.4mm) parallels for use with jaw inserts (included with Gen3 vises!) or SMW Castle Grips.
  • Built-in alignment pins in the fixed-side vise base, eliminating the need to tram the vise when installed on an SMW fixture plate. These diamond-style pins allow the fixed-side base to repeatably locate and tram the jaw position.
  • Uses tapered M12 clamping bolts to apply up to 3,200 lbf [14 kN] of clamping force (on par with traditional screw-style 4" machine vises)

Interested in using the Mod Vise without a fixture plate? See our knowledge base article here.

See FAQ here for the differences between the Gen2 and Gen3 Modular Vise.

Contents Include:

  • Single Station Vise
    • (1) Gen3 Mod Vise Adjustable Base & Top Jaw
    • (1) Gen3 Mod Vise Fixed Base & Top Jaw
    • (2) Smooth Jaw Insert Bar
    • (1) Hardware Kit for securing to SMW Fixture Plate
  • Dual Station Vise
    • (2) Gen3 Mod Vise Adjustable Base & Top Jaw
    • (1) Gen3 Mod Vise Dual Station Fixed Base
    • (4) Smooth Jaw Insert Bar
    • (1) Hardware Kit for securing to SMW Fixture Plate

Related Products & Accessories:

    On-Table Weights
    Variant Weight (lbs)
    Single Station / Inch (1/2") 6.6
    Single Station / Metric (M12) 6.6
    Dual Station / Inch (1/2") 9.3
    Dual Station / Metric (M12) 9.3

    1/2" vises require a 1/4" hex key for the fixture plate mounting bolts and an 8mm (or 5/16") hex key for actuating the clamping bolts. M12 vises require an 8mm hex key for both the mounting and clamping bolts. A torque wrench with hex bit sockets is optional, but recommended, over standard hex keys.

    Solid Model (.STEP)

    Fusion 360 CAM Sample (.F3D)

    Gen3 Modular Vise Dimensions & Tolerances (.PDF)