Haas VM-6 & VF-6 Fixture Tooling Plate Set

$ 4,800.00
  • Haas VM-6 & VF-6 Fixture Tooling Plate Set

Haas VM-6 & VF-6 Fixture Tooling Plate Set

$ 4,800.00
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$ 4,800.00
[1] 5/8" & 16mm T-Slot Hardware Kit (+$ 76.16 ea.)
[1] Fixture Plate Set Installation Tool (+$ 24.99 ea.)
[2500] Black Fixture Plate Plugs (+$ 499.95 / plate set)

[1] Basic Accessory Kit [+$ 395.93 ea.]
[1] Standard Accessory Kit [+$ 929.80 ea.]
[1] Pro Accessory Kit [+$ 1,901.60 ea.]

Fixture & tooling plate set for Haas VF-6, VF-6SS, and VM-6 CNC machines (compatible with standard VM-6 table or "table with x-slots only" option).

Measurements: 71.5" x 27.8" x 0.95" (set of three approx. 24" x 28" plates). Featuring our new Pattern Interlock plates, ensuring no fixturing holes are lost at the plate seam!

Each plate mounts to table with 8 low profile SHCS (24 total). Mounting screws and t-nuts are available as a separate option. 

Set has 2,374 total fixture holes that are spaced 1.25" on-center. Each fixture hole is tapped 1/2-13 UNC and bored for 0.500" pin. Photos show fixture plate with plugs installed, which are available separately.

Available in 4140 steel or anodized 7075 aluminum. Click here to see the benefits of each.


On-Table Weights
Variant Weight (lbs)
7075 Ano. Aluminum 155.9
4140 Steel 443.2

Low-profile socket head cap screws and t-nuts are available separately.  No additional installation hardware is required.

For fixture plate sets, we recommend our Alignment Jig Kit for quick setup of multiple plates. Two SMW Fixture or Blank Pallets with 1/2" pins can also be used.

Current Inventory
Variant QTY
7075 Ano. Aluminum 1 set(s)
4140 Steel 0

In stock plates are typically ready to ship within one business day (other items in order may affect shipping time).

Out-of-stock bare aluminum and steel plates have a lead time of 3-4 weeks (steel fixture plate sets carry a 4-5 week lead time), while anodized 7075 fixture plates are 4-6 weeks. Please contact us for specific lead times or to inquire about time-critical orders.

This fixture plate is shipped LTL freight. We recommend shipping to a commercial address for the best rates (freight shipping to residential addresses can be expensive).

If you do not have access to a commercial address, orders can often be shipped to a local FedEx Freight terminal for pickup.