SMW Castle Grip (1pc.)

$ 18.99
  • SMW Castle Grip (1pc.)

SMW Castle Grip (1pc.)

$ 18.99
$ 18.99

Made from hardened steel, our SMW Castle Grip is a versatile, low-profile clamping solution for the Modular Vise, 1/2" slotted vise jaws, or your own custom fixtures. When used with the Mod Vise, material can be clamped with as little as 0.07" (1.8mm) above the vise parallels.

Available in two fastener sizes. Castle Grips use T25 Torx Plus head screws as an alternative to the frustrating, easy to strip low-profile hex head screws used in similar products.

SMW Modular Vise Compatibility:

  • Gen2 Vise (1/2"): requires 10-32 fasteners
  • Gen2 Hobby Vise (1/4" and M6): requires 10-32 fasteners
  • Gen3 Vise (1/2" and M12): requires M5 fasteners
  • Also compatible with non-SMW vise jaws having a 0.500" slot

Unsure which generation vise you've got? Check out our FAQ!

The Castle Grip will leave small indentations on your part as it 'bites' into the material. It is recommended for clamping materials <= 40HRC, but is suitable for harder materials as well (may show increased wear over time at >45HRC). We do not recommend seating the part (e.g. smacking with a dead-blow mallet) after clamping with Castle Grips. This can break the teeth of the clamp if they are hit after biting into the material.

Sold individually.

Solid Model Download (STEP)

Drawing Download (PDF)

FAQ: Talon Grip vs. Castle Grip vs. Reversible Jaw Insert