Modular Vise System Gen2 (1/2") Dual Station Kit

$ 309.99
  • Modular Vise System Gen2 (1/2") Dual Station Kit

Modular Vise System Gen2 (1/2") Dual Station Kit

$ 309.99

The SMW 1/2" Modular Vise uses low profile clamping for a versatile workholding and fixturing system in combination with Saunders Machine Works 1/2" Fixture Plates! The dual station kit allows you to use one Adjustable Side of the Modular Vise on each side of the fixed base for low profile and higher part density setups.

Available for purchase while supplies remain - once out of stock, please see our Gen3 Dual Station Vise.

Product Details:

  • Soft jaw compatible! 
  • Steel body and jaws machined in-house by SMW.
  • The fixed position Mod Vise Jaw uses diamond pins for quick tram alignment with the Fixture Plate's bolt pattern. SMW Mod Vises will generally not work on non-SMW fixture plates.
  • Uses 7/16-20 'clamping bolts' on the Adjustable Jaw to deliver ~2900 pounds of clamping force at 30 ft/lbs torque per bolt- on par with typical 4" machine vises.
  • Video Tutorial on How to Use the Mod Vise.
  • See images for minimum clamping height of vise jaws

Interested in using the Mod Vise without a fixture plate? See our knowledge base article here.

Contents Include:

  • (1) Fixed-Position Dual Station Modular Vise (1/2")
  • (2) Adjustable-Position Modular Vise (1/2)"
  • (6) 7/16-20 Clamping bolts. 
  • (1) Hardware kit to fasten Modular Vise to SMW Fixture Plate

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