Tormach 24R Fixture Tooling Plates

$ 1,499.99
  • Tormach 24R Fixture Tooling Plates

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Tormach 24R Fixture Tooling Plates

$ 1,499.99
We do not currently have this plate in stock. SMW Fixture Plates generally have a lead time of 7-10 business days due to just-in-time manufacturing (Note: out-of-stock anodized plates have a longer lead time at up to four weeks). Please contact us for specific lead times or to inquire about time-critical orders.

Set of three (3) 6061 aluminum fixture & tooling plates for Tormach 24R routers. Overall set size is 26" x 51.5" x 0.95". Hole pattern is continuous across each plate.

Holes are 1.25" on center.  Fixturing holes are tapped 1/2x13 and reamed for 0.500" pin. Four holes located above locating pins in the 24R table are reamed but not tapped. 1700 fixture plate plugs recommended for full coverage. 

Note: due to variations in machines and mounting options, mounting hardware is not included. Please see below table for recommended hardware. Fixture plates do not use locating pins in vacuum table for alignment.

Serial Number Bolts T-nuts Washers
RA10001-RA10024 Plate not compatible Plate not compatible Plate not compatible
RA10025-RA10036 91290A461 or equiv. (QTY15) N/A - uses tapped holes in bed 98689A116 or equiv. (QTY15)
RA10037+ 91251A541 or equiv. (QTY24) 98001A135 or equiv. (QTY24) 90107A029 or equiv. (QTY24)

Note that older machines utilize the M8 mounting holes in the machine frame while newer machines utilize the t-slot extrusions built into the vacuum bed.

The 24R may have up to 0.02" of height variance across entire table. Fixture plates will inherit this flatness variation. Read more about our parallelism tolerance in our Fixture Plate FAQ. Plates are intended to mount on top of Tormach's vacuum table; mounting directly to machine frame may improve flatness however RA10037+ machines will require a custom mounting solution to do so.

For information and video demos on how to setup, install, access CAD models, and other tips and tricks, visit the FAQ page!

Solid Model Download (STEP)

Drawing Download (PDF)