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Modular Vise System

  • $ 199.00

BETA: SMW Modular Vise uses Carr-Lane Tiny Vise Edge Clamps and either a solid bar (included) or talon grips to provide a versatile workholding and fixturing system for use with the Saunders Machine Works Tormach Fixture Plates! Please note: the fixed position Mod Vise has two diamond pins which locate in 0.5" bores in the SMW Fixture Plate.

Contents Include:

  • (1) 3-Position adjustable Modular Vise (for use with Carr Lane Tiny Vises)
  • (1) Fixed-Position Modular Vise for use with non-marring Solid Bar or Talon Grips
  • (1) Non-Marring Solid Bar
  • (1) Socket Head Cap Screw hardware kit to fasten Modular Vise to SMW Fixture Plate
  • (2) 4" x 1" x 1/8" steel parallel

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