This page covers frequent shipping questions. For a complete overview, please see our shipping policy here.

Will you ship via a carrier that is not offered on checkout?

  • Yes, but per our shipping policy it is the buyers responsibility to arrange shipping once the order is ready for pickup. This includes all shipment paperwork.

I get an error when trying to select my shipping method on checkout. What should I do?

  • For larger plates the address may be a location that our freight carrier is unable to ship to (such as overseas). Feel free to contact us to arrange other shipping methods.
  • If using autofill please verify the address is correct. Some third party payment methods (Amazon Pay, PayPal, etc.) will occasionally autofill an address that is not compatible with our store and generate an error.
  • If you are still having shipping issues on checkout, please contact us.

I would like a faster shipping method than is available on checkout, is this possible?

  • In some cases we can ship parcels via expedited shipping methods (e.g. FedEx Overnight), however this is not possible for all orders and is dependent on current inventory availability. Please contact us for expedited shipping inquiries.

Can I get a faster turnaround than the published lead time for a product?

  • In certain situations, orders can be expedited beyond the stated lead time (for an expedite fee). See more about expedited orders on our Shipping Policy.

How can I save money on shipping costs?

  • Shipping to a commercial address is less expensive than residential.  For freight shipments, shipping to a residential address is possible, but often significantly increases the cost due to residential shipping surcharges and lift-gate fees charged by the freight shipper.   If possible, consider shipping to a business or commercial address with either a loading dock or forklift to reduce the shipping cost.

My package hasn’t moved on the tracking page, I think it’s lost. What should I do?

  • Please see our shipping policies page for handling lost shipments.
  • International orders may be delayed due to customs inspections or other factors outside of our control. This can cause the shipment to appear ‘stuck’ on the tracking status page.

My shipment arrived damaged, what should I do?

  • On delivery of an LTL shipment the driver will ask you to sign for delivery. Please inspect the shipment and ensure that all parts of the shipment are present before signing.  
  • Please take photos of the damaged parcel prior to opening.
  • Damaged goods shipped parcel will be replaced, although we require the damaged items sent back to SMW (shipping will be covered by SMW).